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My name is Steven Yaniz, I am a Pro-SEO with his own company and yes I am speaking here about both a Friend and Wonderful employee-Nirvelli Design & Keisha Ruff. Nirvelli Design has always been available, smart, fast and cheap when it comes to building websites; I should know they have built quite a few for me before I moved to Texas and several more after. None of my clients has ever had any complaints as to her services or performance, so I found it odd to see the posting on this website.

Well MR. MuHaHaHa, I did a little research on your "company" and its own standing online. Doing a little research on the slanderous and vile complaint you posted previously, what I found was another "get rich quick" website owner who watched way too many "get rich quick" DVDS and thinks he knows what he's talking about.

Seems like you have been very busy trying to make Several names to succeed and utterly failed.

Not only has your company received 972 complaints in Utah's BBB, but you are pretty well renowned across the USA for similar complaints under your other DBA names:




The Heritage Group

Heritage Web Design

Heritage Web Solutions

Yellow Page Partners

Chamber Partners

HIT Web Design

And yes I know you're going to sue me for every penny, I must also be trailer trash and a ***-skank or something since I am openly calling your "review/complaint" vile and an utter lie.

I know Keisha as a programmer first and she has fulfilled all her obligations as a programmer in stellar fashion. Pricing, performance, attention and feedback is always available. I have ZERO clients who were not been happy and satisfied with her finished work.

Steven Yaniz

The Affordable SEO

Review about: Web Design And Programming.


Englewood, Colorado, United States #636423

there not telling u lies there telling u the truth :) Richard gorman jr is telling lies hes the one richard gorman jr

to My name is Steven Yaniz #636430

Last Known Address: 1101 LOCUST ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107


Sex: Male Eyes: BROWN

Height: 6'2 Hair: BLACK

Weight 210 lbs. Age/DOB: 1982

Offense or Statute

Offense/Statute: FL040 - SEXUAL BATTERY INJURY NOT LIKELYDate Convicted: 06 July 2005




:grin I am leaving a message in defense of Keisha.I have seen her work and am extremely impressed.

I am defending her for the slander and inappropriate remarks left by one unsatisfied customer. As far as trailer-park trash you need to look up the meaning of trailer-park trash. And cheating on her husband, really, come on, have you proof? Provide the proof and then you would have something to talk about.

I could say the same about you however it does not mean that its true. Sounds to me like you are upset over her putting on the internet that you dont pay your bills. Well, there is evidence of that. Sooo.

I for one am voting for her.

Awesome at what she does.Thats all that counts.


I have known Keisha for years on end & Nirvelli Design is the only company I trust to do all of my web designs & logos. I have referred Nirvelli to several business owners & will continue to do so simply because I know folks are just like me, they want the job done & they want the job done right!


Keisha is both professional and trustworthy.She is an honorable person and honest.

She stands behind her work and will try her best to make her customers happy. As for the personal attacks against Keisha, it is no ones business where she lives or does in her spare time. She has been accused of "cheating on her husband and doing things out her trailer park." How is that anyones business if it is true? How many doctors or lawyers cheat on their spouses?

As for the doing her things from her trailer park, I don't know if she lives in a trailer park or not but what does it matter as long as her work is of good quality? How many Avon, Mary kay, or other home based businesses are run from people living in a trailer park? A lot more than you think. I even know a couple of lawyers and doctors that live in trailer houses, that doesn't make them less trustworthy.

As for her criminal background, I seriously doubt it. No one that trustworthy has that kind of past. I sounds a lot like the pot calling the kettle black or a case of sour grapes.

The real issue should be did the work get done, if so pay for it and quit the personal attacks.Too bad maturity so seldom comes with age.


My Offer remains the same Mr.Gorman, We can both walk away and end this issue by both of us removing the reviews we have provided.

This is the same offer as before. You decided to remark on a good friend, wonderful mother and great designer for your own personal gain and reason, specifically that you didn't want to pay her. I state facts above and there are plenty of facts out there about you to repost, again, and again, and again, and they are FACTS. I didn't "make-up" your arrest, I didn't make up that you're registered.

In fact, all I have done is show facts. So we can go round and round, run campaigns, slam each other, include each other's family and friends. Or just remove our posts and walk away...the choice is yours.

Your empty threats are just that, empty.I am not a little girl in a limo


Do that and you definitely will be in court for slander seeing is you have never worked with either one of us.


good try Steven - this won't outrank the original thread. Hey I have an idea - since you're posting about me would you like me to start posting about you?

Do a little more digging buddy and you'll find out that I have deep ties to the ORM industry and the best SEOs in the world.

Ranking for the following keywords:

"Steven Yaniz" "Steve Yaniz" and "" is an incredibly easy thing to do. I think the word "Extortion" and "Lawsuit" along with any information a halfway decent PI brings up should fit fine. While we're at it we might as well throw in a few other keywords such as "Jennifer Yaniz" and "Esteban Yaniz," what are your thoughts? When we rank keywords, next to Google delisting them (never happens), their results are permanent - heck you might even learn a thing or two about how SEO works by analyzing the way we rank online.

Let me know if you want to go down this route, and if so, we'll get started tonight. I assure you that we will have the first 3 pages of your name (and multiple variations of it) covered by the end of the week.

We do not take to people attempting to EXTORT us by posting FALSE / INFLAMMATORY information lightly. You have grossly misstated a number of facts.

Now - please respond and let us know if you'd us to start posting abougt you online. Otherwise, let's just continue down the legal path. Lawsuit is getting filed in district court next week.

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Keisha Ruff - Nirvelli Designs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 18 comments
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The scam of the year has got to go out to Keisha Ruff of Nirvelli Designs. Keisha poses as a website designer, and oh does she do a good job at convincing people that she's a seasoned pro. The truth is that Keisha Ruff has a criminal past and is a terrible website designer.

Keisha Ruff is good at a few things though:

1. Creating a facade that she works for this huge Inc. 500 design firm called In fact, Keisha did work that for awhile as a contractor but got fired for cheating clients. Keisha actually perpetrates all of this fraud from her trailer park residence:

2. Keisha is really good at breaching noncompete agreements. This unethical trailer park trash skank literally steals Hit Web Design clients that are referred to her as a contractor. That's a major NO NO. Hit Web Design is going to sue her a$$ off, woot!

3. Keisha does a great job at overcharging clients and then going on the internet and blasting them when they don't pay. i.e. she went on the internet and starting pouring out my dirty laundry when I refused to pay her. What kind of company does this? Um how about a scam artist that thinks she'll get paid by extorting her clients. LOL - or not!

Browse the internet to read the entire story of what this convicted criminal has done to our company. We are going to sue Keisha Ruff, her husband whom she admittedly cheats on (while he is at work at his blue collar job), and everyone that is part of her little scam.

Read the whole story:

Review about: Keish Ruff Web Designer.



Never posted Anything on Rip Off Report.

See Below:

Send Your Request and I will Gladly Send Mine.

Mail directed to any other company will be discarded.

Media Relations

1204 Avenue U, #1080

Brooklyn, NY 11229

United States

Q: What happens if I misrepresented the facts in a prior posting (posted false information)?

A: Users should be advised that PissedConsumer does not endorse the posting of false information. If you have made a false posting on our website previously and wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter outlining the details below:

Notarized letter must include the following:

•A statement that you are the user who posted the information that you now seek to remove;

•A statement that the information previously posted by you was incorrect at the time it was posted;

•Your full name, mailing address, email address and signature;

•The URL (Address) of the subject post as it appears on;

•The statement "I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this request is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge."

•Legible notary stamp (please make sure we can read commission or id number)


My offer remains the same, Remove your Post and So will I Mr. Gorman.


Nice to see that you and Keisha posted listings on RipOffReport over a payment vs. disputing your claim in small claims court. Why don't you remove the RipOffReport? Oh wait it's impossible.

Instead of looking into resolving the business dispute that arose, you chose to fire at us online first.

Now anyone who has anything in their past or anything personal will read this thread and now that you will harass them in order to get your way. You guys just don't seem to get it.

I don't care how many time you call me a "sex offender" or a "rapist." This just makes your company look so unbelievable bad.

Please stop harassing me. Legal has contacted you and advised that we are filing suit. Let's handle this in court.


Nice to see that you and Keisha posted listings on RipOffReport over a payment vs. disputing your claim in small claims court. Why don't you remove the RipOffReport? Oh wait it's impossible.

Instead of looking into resolving the business dispute that arose, you chose to fire at us online first.

Now anyone who has anything in their past or anything personal will read this thread and now that you will harass them in order to get your way. You guys just don't seem to get it.

I don't care how many time you call me a "sex offender" or a "rapist." This just makes your company look so unbelievable bad.

Please stop harassing me. Legal has contacted you and advised that we are filing suit. Let's handle this in court.


Mr Gorman, I don't want your money nor have I ever asked you for it.I am not a bill collector nor-funny enuff-in Keisha's employment as a bill collector of any kind.

My only interest has been the removal of your vile post which is full of lies and degrading statements aimed at Keisha. I have fought your post by posting the truth about you. It is unfortunate that in the past you chose to make such vile and unscrupulous decision, which in turn had you convicted of the offense of Rape, which require you to register as a Sex Offender.

If you wish to unjustly accuse me of anything in a court of law, do so.

I have always offered you the simple solution of removing your post and no longer continuing your smear campaign of a work at home Mom who also happens to be a great web designer.

I again offer you the same resolution, Remove your post and end this.


All future clients/former clients will read this thread.

This matter is going to court, where all disputes should go.

When your clients/potential clients research your firm or you online, this is what they'll read.

CAVEAT: Keisha Ruff and her partner Steven Yaniz are posting defamatory comments online about their former customers. Keisha has vicarious liability for what Steven posts. Instead of handling a billing dispute with her former clients in small claims court, Keisha attempted to extort her former client online by spinning facts and then publishing them in a defamatory manner online.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HER. Not just because her design work is subpar, but because she is very unprofessional.


Remove your post and profile from the forum and I will do the same. And before you go to the whole blackmail thing, this is an amicable agreement I offer you to settle this issue.


By the way, this is easily resolved by removing the vile review Your Client put up online. Not only is it filled with insults but also lies. Your client has called others Skank, trailer trash and several other names. So, yeah that Judge you file all the posts with I am sure will be very happy to see you.

You have posted that Keisha commited fraud, That she is a Skank, That she stole, and much much more. So send that letter, call that Judge and remember to advise the Parole Officer in charge of your client that he was online Defaming a Mother and standing on the *** of threatening her. I am sure that Keisha felt terrorized by the actions and conversations your client had with her and about her. This terror could be misconstrued as threats of harm, Harrassment and possibly even stalking-since he posted his lies online-I am quite sure anyone supervising a Convicted Rapist wil lbe thrilled to hear this from a Work at Home Mom trying to mke a living.

So here's the deal:

Remove your post and profile from the forum and I will do the same. And before you go to the whole blackmail thing, this is an amicable agreement I offer you to settle this disapreement.


By the way, you are required to tell people about being registered, so file what you want.


Be advised, not only am I posting the truth about you Mr. Gorman but it is a fact. You were in Prison for RAPE.

Are you registered now?

Does your family know the truth?

How about your friends and coworkers who may expose their children to you?

Has your victim been informed of your whereabouts for her own safety?

Go ahead send a letter, I will do with it the same that I did with the last one, throw it away. By all means lets step before a Judge so you can explain how this information is false.


You were sent a letter by legal advising you that these false, inflammatory remarks are libelous.We're filing suit in Federal Court next week.

Again, your comments are false and libelous.

Moreover, it is a felony to use the registry to harass people.Please be advised that we will pursue this to the fullest extent of the law.


She can sue you for slander too so I suggest you remove this


Keisha - not a nice thing to post and absolutely false and inflammatory. Do I need to get our general counsel involved?

For the record while our campaign with you did not work, I'm sure you've improved as a designer.

Steven Yaniz

My name is Steven Yaniz, I own and have always been happy with all work done by or supervised by Nirvelli Designs. The fact that Keisha- a great person, mom and programmer-is being slammed is ridiculous. She has outperformed and overcome problems other programmers could not and did so at a reasonable rate and well within the timeframe provided. Mrs. Ruff is never too busy to attend to old or new clients, be it for updates, additions or just plain bugs. Keisha has also shown a natural knack for artistic design, functionality and assuring all websites are secure and always running.

I was quite surprised to find the comments above against her so I went out of my way to check the guy out.

Firstly, he is a dead beat. after contacting the offices he has posted other bad reviews he has posted are to those he has outstanding bills with. Funny you owe money so their service sucks...good job. people like you give Onsite biz a bad name.

Secondly, if you are truly going to complain, then why not post your name, phone number, company website, proof that work went undone. as far as I can tell the only undone issue here is you paying your bills!

Thirdly, Please, Please, please make every attempt at a lawsuit. My company can and will provide reviews and testimony for all work done, along with refferences.

You know as an SEO I know how you got 405 views, kept slamming her online and continue to avoid payment with both your creditors and her...So I am going to use MY SENUKE and Xrummer to let people know who, where and what you are.

I'm sorry to slam this *** Keisha, I know you asked me not to but when someone is just a *** ripping people off...others need to know. You are a top rate programmer and I will always utilize your services faithfully.


Cape May Court House, New Jersey, United States #229250

Keisha Ruff, please note the following:

1. You violated the Hit Web Design non-compete contract.

2. If you have a bad experience with a client, you attempt to extort them publicizing bad information about them.

3. Your website design work is terrible, absolutely terrible. Let's see some of your work? It sucks.

Keisha Ruff

It was Marilyn Monroe who said: "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as *** don't deserve me at my best."

I am not a classy woman. I wear jeans and sweatshirt, and my hair is generally pulled into a messy ponytail. Makeup is reserved for public, if even then. I do not live in a mansion on a hill, but my house is cozy and is home to my family. I am a small town country girl, who is simply trying to use my talents to make a better life for my children. I am no different than any of you. I am easy to talk to, fun to be around, and my real friends are friends for life. I am open minded, and unfortunately for some, I can be very opinionated. Sometimes I don't use correct grammar, and I misspell words. I say ain't, ya'll, wanna and dunno. I curse when I'm angry. Sometimes I am running late. Maybe I'm not as organized as I should be. I have little pictures and other artwork from my children strewn all over my desk. Sometimes I can't even see my desk. I work from my home office, where I am free to be with my children, to watch them grow, and learn. Sometimes this means I cannot get to the telephone in time to catch your call. Sometimes I am not at home or working at all. Sometimes I am enjoying my children, husband and our country lifestyle. I'm sorry I missed your call, please call back.

As you grow, as you evolve as a person and business owner, as you build a new life based on who you are and what you love, there will be people in your life who simply do not understand. Maybe they don't understand you personally, maybe they don't understand your business practices. If at any time you or your business becomes remotely close to successful, there will be people who's main intention in life is to break you down. Sometimes this comes in the form of a phone call, or public meeting, for others it rears it's head in the form of an online comment on a scam type website.

The form in which criticism comes to light is irrelevant. Without criticism we are left to fend for ourselves. Without criticism, we cannot understand where we may have gone wrong in our practices. As business owners, we all know that not every person you do business with will be absolutely thrilled with your work or product. We have all had dealings with unhappy clients or customers in our professional life in one way or another. However, for criticism to work, it must be constructive. If the basis of a disgruntled client's commentary has no factual merit, it will only serve to make the writer look petty in regards to the person or business they wish to bring down.

I will not give the usual “We value our clients and will do everything we can to make the client happy” speech. This should be a given, as every business should strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Realistically though, 100% is very hard to uphold, especially when you have numerous transactions taking place. Therefore, I suppose I can settle for 99% customer satisfaction, since I obviously do have at least one person who will not be happy with me or my company no matter what I have done to rectify the situation. I don't want to argue with this gentleman's allegations, so as my attorneys suggest, I must go to court to get what I am contractually owed.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I urge you to call or email me. My real phone number and email address are prominently listed on my website but I have included my contact info below as well. I think you will find that Nirvelli Designs is falling victim to some not-so-constructive criticism.

Keisha Ruff

Nirvelli Designs


Cape May Court House, New Jersey, United States #228742

Actually Keisha, it's called defamation as it is written, vs.slander which is verbal.

You have no idea as to the world of legal trouble you're in now.

Spoke with the President of Hit Web Design today. We are subpoenaing all off your IP logs and records. Copies have been made on all of your sites.

You are going to receive treble damages - go ahead and look that up.You are in a world of trouble young lady.


If you are trying to sue her you better check yourself because she can turn around and sue you for slandering her name! A lot of what you are saying is fabricated lies I know for a fact.

She is a great designer that has done great work for me and I would use her again.

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